Strikers To Apply For APL Licence

Jul 03, 2012 by

The Brisbane Strikers will continue with plans to apply to apply for an Australian Premier League position next year after meeting with Ben Mannion from Football Queensland on Thursday.

The meeting was scheduled after the Strikers submitted a Letter of Interest as stage one of the process for putting the APL together. Any club or entity which submitted a letter of interest is to receive a similar visit from Mr Mannion.

Brisbane Strikers Chairman, Bruce Atterton-Evans, remained as upbeat about the APL after the meeting as he had been before it.

“It was a very positive meeting”, Mr Atterton-Evans said. “The direction they are heading in with the APL fits really well into the sort of competition we’d like to be involved in for the future. We asked for an application kit and we will be applying”.

Since the first details about the APL were made available at a presentation at the end of May, concerns have been raised by some in the Brisbane football community that the costs associated with participating in the APL would make it prohibitive for them to be involved. But Mr Atterton-Evans said Thursday’s meeting convinced him this was not the case.

“The kind of undertakings they were giving reduces greatly the financial burdens that concern some of the clubs in Brisbane”, he said.

While Football Queensland will continue its meetings with interested clubs until 3 August, the next stage of the process for clubs intending to apply is to lodge their applications by 24 August. The successful clubs will be announced by 26 September.

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