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May 15, 2015 by

Would it surprise you to know that Queensland has over 250,000 owners of recreational boats, and a further 5,000 commercially operated watercraft?  Boating, and even earning your living on boats, is as much a part of the Queensland lifestyle as barbecues and, yes, football.

Would it also surprise you to know that, although it is mandatory to carry lifejackets aboard boats in most instances, many people don’t put those lifejackets on until a boating mishap has already happened?  By the time they are in the water – which can happen in seconds – it’s simply too late to think about putting it on.

We’ll bet you also didn’t know that this Saturday is World Lifejacket Day – a day to boost awareness of the lifesaving qualities of this basic piece of seafarer’s equipment.  Or that today the Queensland Government is encouraging a “Wear Your Lifejacket To Work” day to link with it.

The Brisbane Strikers are happy to lend a hand to this community safety awareness initiative – as head coach Kevin A’Herne-Evans demonstrates here:

So, if you have a lifejacket remember to wear it in your boat but also put it on for your commute today and wear it at work if you can.  Check out why via this link:



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