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It’s rare for any of us to be able to say that we’ve been part of something that has raised $2.6 million for a worthy cause.

But Brisbane Strikers parent, Paul Egan, can proudly boast of exactly that after taking part in this year’s Tour de Cure – a nine-day, 1,150 kilometres bicycle ride from Mackay to Cape Tribulation and back to Cairns, staged earlier this month, that raised money for cancer research, support and prevention.

Paul, who was awarded the Brisbane Strikers’ Len Deverall Shield last year for volunteering his services to our club for duties ranging from flood clean-up to information technology assistance, rode the full distance of the Tour de Cure.

“There were 115 riders that rode the full tour, and we had guest riders who did a two-day stage or a three-day stage as well,” Paul explains. “Once they were on there were 150 riders at any one time and fifty support staff that helped us with all the bags and logistics and media and all sorts of stuff.

“Each rider had to raise a minimum of $12,000 and we had corporate donations as well – so we had sponsors like Lexus, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Vittoria Coffee, and all sorts of different sponsors, who helped us along the way.”

Paul is no Johnny-come-lately to the Tour de Cure. This was his ninth ride in an event that has been running annually since 2007. He said his involvement in the tour was inspired by a work colleague’s battle with cancer.

“I first started because my book keeper at work, Kathy Parton, got breast cancer,” Paul said. “Sadly, we lost her to cancer the second year that I rode Tour de Cure, so I’ve been riding for her ever since.

“Twenty-five years ago I also lost my mother to pancreatic cancer. In the last few years I have also lost my father-in-law and my mother-in-law to cancer. My father has also survived prostate cancer.

“At the moment I have so many friends that are fighting this terrible disease and sadly I have recently lost some good friends to it.

“I want to find a cure for cancer so that my family can grow up in a generation that is cancer free.”

We share Paul’s wishes and we know that if you have either been touched by cancer or know of someone else who has, you’ll have a keen appreciation for Paul’s words.

There is, of course, no shortage of ways to donate to the cause of finding a cure – including the Tour de Cure, which remains open for donations.

If you’d like to recognise the efforts of Paul and his fellow riders in helping to fight cancer, you can go here to donate:

A video clip of the tour is available here

Photo: Paul Egan (right) on his bike for cancer research

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