New member of the family

Aug 03, 2017 by

It’s Luis here (aka Suarez amongst the senior team), club physiotherapist, wanting to take the opportunity to introduce a new member to the Strikers family.

You may have seen a new face floating around Meakin Park doing everything from prescribing exercises to players, touching base with players with their injuries and on occasions being a replacement goalkeeper.

Dom Mansell is a highly experienced sports scientist and performance coach who has worked in multiple levels of sports including swimming, rugby, volleyball and football. This year Dom has been mostly involved with the High Performance Unit with the senior team in collecting data and running pre-hab sessions with the senior squad.

You will now see Dom at Meakin Park regularly acting as the first point of call of any injury that occurs with the junior players. Dom is not a physiotherapist but is experienced in providing acute injury management and advising players when further medical/physiotherapy assessment and treatment may be required.


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