The Final Wash-Up: Henslee Post-Match On The Derby

Jun 25, 2017 by

“For the last five or ten minutes you look over your shoulder and there’s five or six guys forward – they’re really pushing it up, they’re picking up the loose balls and obviously it’s a massive game….but I thought we defended it well”.

That’s part of how Brisbane Strikers defender Greig Henslee described the tense final minutes of yesterday’s 1-0 win over Brisbane City in as the visiting team upped the ante in search of an equaliser that would have potentially ended Strikers’ hopes of defending their premiership.

Hear what else Henslee had to say about the game, about Strikers’ recent form and about next weekend’s looming blockbuster clash with league leaders Gold Coast City in this three-minute audio.

Photo: Michele Pitman

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