Brisbane Strikers Announce Collaboration with Cantara Global for Future Player Pathways

Oct 02, 2019 by

Brisbane Strikers have today announced an exciting collaboration with international product and service facilitators Cantara Global to create future player and coach pathways for the domestic and international markets with professional and semi-professional international football clubs.

Brisbane Strikers Chairman Mr Bruce Atterton-Evans said that Cantara Global approached the Strikers because they had identified the club as the most successful NPL Club on the field.

“Brisbane Strikers are always looking at ways and people who can assist the club in reaching their goal of world class player development,” Mr Atterton-Evans said.

“Brisbane Strikers has long been a leading, if not the leading, academy in Queensland and the addition of Nacho Ferrer as Technical Director has elevated the club even further.”

“It is the always ‘looking for improvement’ ethos of the Brisbane Strikers that convinced Cantara to partner with us and establish football relationships and cross-cultural experiences whilst also providing football development of the highest calibre.”

Cantara Director of Football Salvatore Sottile stated, ”Cantara Global is specifically interested in a long term strong relationship with Strikers due to the pedigree of the Club.”

“I was very specific about us collaborating with Strikers. I personally know what is needed to take clubs and make them into Premiers in National Premier League.”

He went on to say, “I know the structures needed form a professionally run Club to not only win but stay there. I also know what is needed for you to be ready to Play in Europe.”

“As Cantara we see the scope to develop Player pathways directly into Europe and Asia, due to our company connections, and we see Strikers as the only National Premier League Club run by a professional board of Directors that are able to work with us on this.”

“The Strikers have never shied away from staying strong to a platform of creating excellent players and this is both commendable and visionary.”

Cantara Global’s football division will specifically create domestic and international pathways for players and coaches alike.

They currently work within Professional and Semi Professional Clubs in Europe and have relationships into China, Middle East and Indian Football world.

“As part of our collaboration, Cantara Global’s CEO Ms Julianna Suranyi will sit on our board and liaise directly with our Club stakeholders to share when and how these new relationships evolve.” stated Mr Bruce Atterton-Evans

Cantara Global CEO, Ms Julianna Suranyi, said Cantara Global works with multiple international companies who are looking to establish football relationships in Australia for sister clubs and cross-cultural experiences that also provide the highest level of football.


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